Use your Bitcoin. Anywhere.

Invest, earn and pay with BTC on any blockchain. Radically open and secured by insurance.

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Bitcoin on any blockchain.

interBTC realizes the true free nature of BTC and decentralized finance. A 1:1 Bitcoin-backed asset, fully collateralized, interoperable, and censorship-resistant.

For the cypherpunks, the degens, the maxis. For the hodlers, the traders, the yield farmers. Bitcoin for anyone, anywhere.

How it Works

From Bitcoin to DeFi in just a few clicks.


Lock your BTC with a Vault. Pick one, or run your own. Your BTC is always safe and insured by Vault collateral.


Get interBTC at a 1:1 ration to your locked BTC.


Earn on your Bitcoin. Use interBTC as collateral, for lending, yield farming and more - on any blockchain.


Redeem interBTC for actual BTC on Bitcoin - trustless and anytime you want.

Built on Polkadot. Connected to All.

interBTC is hosted as a parachain Polkadot and can be easily used on Ethereum, Cosmos, Kusama and other networks through Polkadot’s interoperability technology.

Radically Open.

Anyone can run a Vault.

Run a Vault

Secured by Insurance.

You will get your BTC back or be reimbursed.

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We’re Interlay. Coders, researchers, makers. Early Bitcoiners and DeFi natives.

We live decentralization and transparency. We’re 100% remote and all our code is open source. We’re not anonymous - we stand by our product.

Our projects are community-owned and backed by top-tier scientific papers. Founded by ex-Imperial College PhDs, we collaborate with leading research labs and tech companies around the world.

Backed by

Audited & Peer-reviewed

interBTC is backed by peer-reviewed, top tier research...
... and assessed by the community

Recent Posts

Interlay Dev & Ecosystem Update #1

Jun 22

We’re excited to announce the first edition of the Interlay Dev Newsletter! As Kusama auctions come closer and closer, interBTC development progress has exploded over the past weeks, we have launched a bi-weekly dev newsletter.

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interBTC Beta Testnet Launched

Jun 09

We are thrilled to announce that the PolkaBTC Public Beta Testnet is now live! We are also excited to announce a 1300 DOT (~USD 45 000) incentive program for active beta testers, funded by Polkadot Treasury!

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